Campus Map - Macalester College

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  1. Academic and Administrative

    1. Olin-Rice Science Center

      Olin-Rice was designed to support Macalester’s rich research-based science curriculum, a high level of student research, and faculty members active in their fields. The director of the Science and Research Office links students to valuable research opportunities on campus and at other institutions, allowing them to gain important research skills and add to the body of scientific knowledge. The square wheel bike, Foucault pendulum, and several large dinosaur skeletons also are found here.


      In this building: Biology; Central Stores; Chemistry; Environmental Studies; Geology; Henry Lepp Geology Museum; Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; Neuroscience; Physics and Astronomy; Psychology; Smail Natural History and Science Gallery; The Olin-Rice Hub


      166 Macalester St.

      St. Paul, MN  55105